Walter Ness

I produces, directed, performed and wrote for
Here are some samples of our shows.

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The Amazing Walter Ness
Laughter, Poetry, Comedy, and Humorous Songs. All original material written and performed by Walter Ness.

Music, Jon Hindmarsh. Comedy, Henry Scott, Duane Reed.

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Jane Wong shows up at the Emergency Room because she got the fingers of her hand stuck between the toes of her leg.

Skit written by Walter Ness.

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Cecilia Bennett shows Christams gifts for facial rehab.

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Sarah Takagi and Jon Hindmarsh doing a dance performance.

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Walter Ness
as WC Fields in

"Scoundrels and Innovators"


Laughter Club Techniques

"Ecstatic Laughter"


I Married a Monster

"Monstrous Laugher
Halloween Special"


Walter Ness
as Jimmy Stewart

"I, I, did not teach,
P-P-Porky Pig,
how to talk"